Monday, 18 January

Tales from the Northland

Morning Dew at a house in Northern FinlandTales from the Northland is a collection of outdoors-related stories pertaining to the Nordic countries, located in Northern Europe. 

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Ruka-tunturi is located in Northeastern Finland, in the southern parts of Lapland.Ruka-tunturi is located in Northeastern Finland, in the southern parts of Lapland.On my visit to Finland in the late summer of 2015, I hiked to the top of Rukatunturi in Northeastern Finland. The fell (tunturi) is located by its namesake town Ruka, and is a all-season tourist attraction. 

Riku Karjalainen, a 18-year old senior high school student from Kajaani, Finland, amassed more than 5000 miles on the road, taking 23,000 pictures at 21 different locations, to create this stunning 4-minute time-lapse video!

In the glistering snowy mid winter landscape up in the far north Norway’s Lapland, the sun will not appear for days.

On such a short day, when dawn turns to dusk before the sun has a chance to spread its warm rays, a cross-country skier  is adventuring up to the high elevations to get a glimpse of the elusive winter sun.

This is a short but cool story about a squirrel who checked himself in at a veterinary office!

Squirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenSquirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenThey had quite a surprise at Morelius, a small animal clinic in Sipoo, Finland, a few days ago, when a little baby squirrel ran into the office.