Friday, 27 November

Tales from the Northland

Morning Dew at a house in Northern FinlandTales from the Northland is a collection of outdoors-related stories pertaining to the Nordic countries, located in Northern Europe. 

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This is a story about a rugged but simple life in one of the northernmost populated areas in the world; up in the frigid Northwestern Greenland.

Polar explorerPentti Kronqvist is an Arctic explorer from Finland. He has made multiple exploration trips, starting in the 1970s, to the arctic areas, including Alaska, Northern Canada, and Greenland.

There has been a number of fascinating stories written about his adventures, mainly in Swedish and Finnish. Some of them have also been translated to English.

In the beginning of this story, Pentti and his two friends are on an expedition from the Thule base in Northern Greenland, travelling up north, across the Smith Sound, and down on the Canadian side to Grisefjord, a journey calculated to be 300-400 miles.

Building at NanoqBuilding at NanoqThe Nanoq Arctic Museum is located in the forests of Fäboda in the vicinity of Jakobstad, Finland. The museum was founded by the Finnish Arctic explorer Pentti Kronqvist.

Ruka-tunturi is located in Northeastern Finland, in the southern parts of Lapland.Ruka-tunturi is located in Northeastern Finland, in the southern parts of Lapland.On my visit to Finland in the late summer of 2015, I hiked to the top of Rukatunturi in Northeastern Finland. The fell (tunturi) is located by its namesake town Ruka, and is a all-season tourist attraction. 

In the glistering snowy mid winter landscape up in the far north Norway’s Lapland, the sun will not appear for days.

On such a short day, when dawn turns to dusk before the sun has a chance to spread its warm rays, a cross-country skier  is adventuring up to the high elevations to get a glimpse of the elusive winter sun.